The Disturbance of Silence

I zoomed down the path but I could hear the vehicle closing in. I raced to the mountains and climbed up, rapidly moving to evade rocks that were the size of boulders. I suddenly heard creepy music and then an enormous ship popped out at the peak. Without warning, a furry creature slowly came out. […]

The Forbidden Tomb

Timmy was running and jumping in the forest. He was getting chased by the guards of the tomb. He had found a treasure chest in the tomb by reading a map. Timmy jumped into his car and drove out of the forest.Timmy showed his parents that they were rich.They were amazed and then Timmy wanted […]

The Run

Nee naw, nee naw, nee naw, nee naw. “School is finally out!” Jake screamed at the top of his lungs. ”Now now, class, the bell doesn’t dismiss you.“ Mr Crabs said firmly, while pointing a ruler at me. “Off you go now, have a great day“.I was outside of the school when suddenly my mum […]

The Sensational Swimming Competition

“Come on Tilly you’re about to go on.” i said, “coming” she replied. “Alright you got 1 shot and make it good ok 123 go” Tilly is competing in the rep swimming competition, “Number 37” said the speaker, that’s Tilly “GO TILLY” I yelled. BEEP!!! There goes the busser, Tilly has a great start but […]

The Amazing Werewolf

I woke up to the sound of a wolf in the morning.When I got to work I felt like someone was watching me but I just kept working, I had started to work at my next job site. A werewolf said “Which way to the shops?” it panted! I pointed.I followed him to the shops, […]

My Strange Dream

It was one ordinary day when I dropped my coin on the floor. I picked it up and kept walking until I heard a voice call out”Which way to the shops?” It panted! I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. It was a dog! I called my mum on my Android and she answered […]