The Man in the Woods

I was in a forest with my friends when a strange vehicle came up to us, playing crazy loud music. A stranger got out of the car, smelling the air like he’d never been outside before.  He slowly let his strange, furry dog chase us. We got scared and climbed up a tree to try […]

The Graveyard

Don’t visit the graveyard at night, I thought. The wind blew wild and my hair ran free, I was cold and on the verge of freezing. I looked up to see a man… No, that’s not a man, that’s a statue. He was looking right at me. “H-hello?”  God, why did it have to be […]

The Door to Dreams

The battle was legendary. Captain Hook VS Peter Pan… Dingaling, DINGALING!!!!  “Agh, morning already!?”  My dream vanished, so I got up. I ran down to the statue of the warrior from WW2. Mother had told me he was real, unlike Peter Pan. 🙁 When I sat down, an odd, and unfamiliar voice sounded through the […]


Ever wondered why there are so many statues of people you don’t even know in this city? Well, it’s all for a cause. I’ll tell you why, through a story. I perched myself on the cracked step of the old Museum. I’d had a bad day. Mainly because all of my fans were annoying me […]

The Statue of War

Wow! What a beautiful statue. I stared into the eyes of the statue.”I wonder what happened a 100 years ago?” I whispered. Woosh! I looked around and wondered. Where am I?I turned around and there was a full on war going on. Booooooooooooom! Someone got shot next to me! I picked up his gun and […]

Scary Nightmare!!!

It was a dark stormy night. I was running away from my worst nightmare, SNAKES!!! They were everywhere. I sprinted as fast as I could. I was bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t looking where I was going and ran into a statue. I suddenly woke up. It was all a dream. I ended up […]

The Statue

One day, as I was walking through the dirt, I saw a dirty statue. I browsed on my phone to learn that it was a soldier. His name was Robert Brook from Sweden and he was famous. He died in 1901. It had writing at the bottom, so I slowly put my phone in my […]

The Cursed Shops

I was walking through the shops and I was planning to have a feast. Until a breathless goose came up to me. “Which way to the shops?” It panted, I stood there, confused. “I- here it is?” I gestured to the shops. The goose waddled away, shaking its feathered head. Suddenly, something tapped me on […]

The Mystery Statue

“Where the fern meets the sea…” my mum explained. “Wasn’t grandpa in the war?” I asked. “Yes, now let me finish sweetheart,” my mum answered. “He fought in the dreadful war that made him weak…” That memory had faded. I thought it was all lost after five years of searching. This was the last spot it […]

The Weird Alien

Whoosh! Kaboom! “What was that?” I looked out the window and there was a big crater. Knock Knock! I ran down the stairs and answered the door. “Sorry to crash land in your backyard, but do you know which way to the shops?” It panted. I believe it was panting from running or from shock. […]