Global Warming

I stare thinking there’s nothing I can do but watch. I hear and see the factory working. The smoke poured out of those big cylinders. The sky is getting flooded with smoke. It looks like a cloud which tricks you but it’s 100 000 times worse. I can’t say how much this hurts to just […]

Save Earth

My furiosity overwhelms my body as I look at this atrocious image. A fire is blazing in my stomach and I am enraged. The poor actions of humans cause the environment to be on the brink of destruction. It is pathetic that people couldn’t care less about the wild and nature. Humanity is insane when […]

We Need to Save Our World

Our world is dying, our life is nearly destroyed. We need to save the world before it’s gone, everything we light turns to fire. Everything we touch turns to flames, our ocean is dying and what are we doing? We’re pumping carbon dioxide into our air, our way of life is turning our world sick. […]

The Man in the Woods

I was in a forest with my friends when a strange vehicle came up to us, playing crazy loud music. A stranger got out of the car, smelling the air like he’d never been outside before.  He slowly let his strange, furry dog chase us. We got scared and climbed up a tree to try […]

The Graveyard

Don’t visit the graveyard at night, I thought. The wind blew wild and my hair ran free, I was cold and on the verge of freezing. I looked up to see a man… No, that’s not a man, that’s a statue. He was looking right at me. “H-hello?”  God, why did it have to be […]

The Door to Dreams

The battle was legendary. Captain Hook VS Peter Pan… Dingaling, DINGALING!!!!  “Agh, morning already!?”  My dream vanished, so I got up. I ran down to the statue of the warrior from WW2. Mother had told me he was real, unlike Peter Pan. 🙁 When I sat down, an odd, and unfamiliar voice sounded through the […]


Ever wondered why there are so many statues of people you don’t even know in this city? Well, it’s all for a cause. I’ll tell you why, through a story. I perched myself on the cracked step of the old Museum. I’d had a bad day. Mainly because all of my fans were annoying me […]

The Statue of War

Wow! What a beautiful statue. I stared into the eyes of the statue.”I wonder what happened a 100 years ago?” I whispered. Woosh! I looked around and wondered. Where am I?I turned around and there was a full on war going on. Booooooooooooom! Someone got shot next to me! I picked up his gun and […]

Scary Nightmare!!!

It was a dark stormy night. I was running away from my worst nightmare, SNAKES!!! They were everywhere. I sprinted as fast as I could. I was bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t looking where I was going and ran into a statue. I suddenly woke up. It was all a dream. I ended up […]