The Amazing Werewolf

I woke up to the sound of a wolf in the morning.When I got to work I felt like someone was watching me but I just kept working, I had started to work at my next job site. A werewolf said “Which way to the shops?” it panted! I pointed.I followed him to the shops, then when he got there he ran in and then ran out with a tonne of meat.Then the cops started chasing him. I chased him in my car.I lost him and then he jumped down and then he said, “Can you help me please so I did.”   

One thought on “The Amazing Werewolf

  1. Hi Zandar! This was a super creative interpretation of the prompt. I like that the werewolf just wanted to get some food at a store. It was a nice change from the usual ‘evil’ werewolves in stories. I wonder where the narrator was planning to go for their work. I’d imagined a city environment when reading this. That would be an unusual place for a wolf to just pop out of nowhere.

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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