Boris, the Talking Fridge

I was enjoying my hot chocolate, when I realised I hadn’t put any milk in it, so I wandered over to the fridge.
To my  surprise, a strange voice emanated from the kitchen. I was shocked to see my fridge was talking to me. I nearly fainted. “Which way to the shops?” it panted. 
“Umm, umm,” I stuttered. “Down the street, but why are you asking?”
“You wanted milk, didn’t you?” “The milk you have in me is off. It went off a long, long time ago. 27/5/21 to be precise.”
“Um, OK, I  answered.”
I was still weirded out.
“I guess I will go to the shops then.” 

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One thought on “Boris, the Talking Fridge

  1. Kia ora Macy. Well done, I really enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. You’ve done a really great job including a lot of dialogue in your writing, and your punctuation is spot on! Your take on the prompt is quite unique, and I especially enjoyed the conversation between yourself and the fridge – very creative!

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